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"I am very happy to deal with Outsource Data Collection - A professional data research & data collection services company."

"Outsource Data Collection gives exceptional service and high quality data. Very professional, pro-active, good time management."

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Data Collection Services - Outsource Data Collection Services India

Outsource Data Collection is an India based leading data collection services company, provides full service of data research & collection at the best rate in industry. We offer high-quality, timely and professional data collection services to gather/collect data from various data sources such as online web to offline hardcopies documents.

With having the best team of data collection professionals, we can deliver the exact data in well organized formats. We offer data collection services to all business industries including - real estate, medical, legal, software development, communication, online survey, market research, finance, banking, publishing, automobiles, B2B portals, etc.

Why Data Collection Services of Outsource Data Collection:

  • Multi threading facilities available in data collection
  • Unstructured and raw data stored in a well organized formats
  • Sales lead generation from the collected data
  • Assists in market research and analysis
  • Gauge the overall competition in the market
  • Understand market related analysis on all fronts: industrial, economical and financial
  • Useful for marketing teams for gleaning out customer data for future campaigns
  • Helpful in providing world-class customer service with detailed client profiles
  • Market data for the top management for expanding the business and for initiating start-ups

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Our collected data is stored in multiple customized formats depending on which format you prefer, including Excel, Access, CSV, Text or any other universally known format of your choice.

At Outsource Data Collection, we provide custom and comprehensive range of data collection services which include data research, data collection, data entry and processing, data conversion etc. Data collection services at Outsource Data Collection are accurate and fast, utilizing innovative in house data collection process and also manual and automated data collection method.

Some of the information which would be needed for data collection includes:

  • Number of websites to be targeted and their domain
  • Type of data that needs to be extracted
  • Number of search results required
  • Particular output preferences, if any

Cut -copy-paste operations if performed by your core employee costs great deal of wastage of company resources. One needs to switch to data collection experts to grab information from various sources and let their own employees to work on their core business tasks. We help to index content from multiple links and sources in a pattern and format that you prefer. We utilize our knowledge of rightshore economics and process reengineering in the process of data collection and prefer automation rather than manual processes for the overall service provisions.

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