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Market Research Data Collection Services

Outsource Data Collection provides and conducts complex survey research services in the domain of market research. Our market research data collection services include comprehensive statistical information for helping out organizations in their decision-making process in both the business sector as well as government holdings. We follow an innovative approach to market research data collection in more ways than one.

Why Market Research Data Collection Services of Outsource Data Collection:

  • Quality: We provide market research data collection services with great quality standard.
  • Expertise: We have experience of 17 years
  • Speed: We guarantee that clients receive on time and insightful market research data collection services.
  • Technology: We use advanced technology that reduce the cost of research while collecting data faster.
  • Global Presence: We provide market research data collection services to across the globe.

Our highly experienced professionals have extensive experience in all aspects of estimation and market research. We have managed and completed end number of market research data collection projects. Close attention is given to the primary goals set by the client and adequate procedures are formed to meet those objectives.

Our sampling expertise includes different types of audience and targeted groups depending on different products and services inclusive of their specific market. Our audience can be anyone and any organization including business establishments, schools, medical providers or a government agency. We attach most importance to the design of samples as it is a key component of market research projects because it serves as the important base for inference point. We at Outsource Data Collection pilot studies to establish design components and also utilize a plethora of sampling techniques for design customization depending on objectives of a project.

Other than tailor-made samples, we also take into account the entire costing of the project and also the number of respondents required for the survey. Estimation work is the second most important thing that we do at our company. Imputation techniques are applied for item nonresponse and analyzed too for generating the best possible set of adjustments.

We have been a market leader in the creation of coverage adjustment methods while we also have extensive experience in post-stratification and application of variance estimation methods of market research data collection.

Sampling statisticians in our company always work in close proximity with the subject matter experts when working on the design activity. This phase involves the defining of the key units of analysis and identification of outcome while also determining the accuracy needed in point estimates.

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